Perception is something that has interested me for many years. I am becoming a philosopher of sorts having accrued lots of experience in my life to date.

Philosophy is a strange subject as it is very much how one communicates with other people in their terms allowing them to understand what is in your mind. Ultimately, it is very difficult to explain your feelings and thoughts to another because your view of the world is dictated by your experiences of the world.

Several years ago, a title popped into my head which I thought was purely a series of words but it became something of a challenge to put some flesh on the bones. That title is A Way of Seeing. It expanded to include It’s all a Matter of Perception. Hence the name of this website.

I am now writing about my perception of my world in hope that others will be able to resonate with at least some of my words. The bulk of this article about perception was written in 2004/2005 but I will of course be adding to it regularly as and when my thoughts take me to a place of resonance and harmony so I can tune in.