Talking Breath (on the BBC)

I happened upon Jo Good of BBC Radio London talking about breath work and a book she mentioned called And Breathe by Rebecca Dennis. I decided to add my opinion on my experiences with my pain and anxiety which plagued me for years until I chose to turn and look at it square in the face. Breathing into your pain is by far the most difficult route but has by far the best outcome as the release from it is indescribable. That’s why I chose to detail my experiences in the book so others could benefit from the same direction.

We can always continue to swim in the Egyptian river drowning under the weight of our pain or start to move towards the shore and dry off. And for those who cannot get the metaphor, Egyptian river is the Nile; so in the Nile; in denial.

Below is the recording of me. It is the copyright of BBC Radio London. I am grateful to Jo Good and the team at BBC Radio London.

3rd November 2016