My YouTube Channel

I now have my very own You Tube channel called A Way of Seeing after the book; not very surprising really. I will be adding to the channel as and when inspiration strikes as it usually does. Life changes somewhat when you allow inspiration and intuition play a bigger role in your life. It smooths out the rough edges to make them manageable.

The Videos

Being Transgender

Being willing to show vulnerability is just one the words in the Spiral of Liberation. I have to walk my talk so I have chosen to do this by being vulnerable on media which the young use to great effect. Many of the trans on YouTube are young – in their twenties and thirties – but there is very little of the older generation like myself.

The older generation are wiser but in a different way having spent decades hiding behind thick masks of protection. To help everyone face their demons, I am being strongly guided and motivated to bring some of my experience out to the wider world. Here is my first horse out of the gate. I hope you get as much from it as I did producing it.

A Way of Seeing: It’s All a Matter of Perception

Discussing the actual book.

The Spiral of Liberation

The Spiral is an important concept and for most people it is very difficult to accept as it means opening up to things inside themselves they would rather hide from. I was like a taut spring ready to break at any moment. I reached that point where I could no longer hold myself together. I broke. As I created the Spiral, I collected all the broken pieces and formed them into something greater than the sum of the parts.