About Coran Foddering

What is there to say. My life began many years ago when I was around 40. It is very true what people say about life beginning at 40.

1994 was a great year for me or rather, it was a great year for irresistible change, a year of hell. But I came through with flying colours, exploding out of the chrysalis transformed into the butterfly for the next stage. I have been through many such changes since then and it hasn’t really stopped.

Now I am looking to assist others in their own searches for harmony and clarity. That is the main purpose of this website and to stir the soup of people’s inner wisdom allowing them to grow.

Before 1994, I spent many an hour escaping from the pain by simply ignoring anything that I didn’t want to deal with, ignoring the inevitable change that was happening around me and to me, hiding under the blanket of antidepressants.

After that date, I came to realise that I couldn’t resist change any more. To do so would prevent my own transformation. It would be sad to miss out on the opportunities that the Universe provides for us to grow.

After spending a thoughtful twenty years in the broadcasting industry, I began writing software. That has concluded but I now have the opportunity to help by using my skills with designing websites, spiritual websites for spiritual people like me and people experiencing the spiritual side of life.

The art I spent many an hour doing as a child has sprung back to life, and in big ways. I have discovered a new way of seeing art and creating art through the medium of the computer. It has astounded me that the quality is so great that I, actually me, could every produce something like these images.

I feel it is because I have let go of the anger and judgement that was around for many years. Ideas pop into my head, seemingly from nowhere, and form in front of my eyes, crystalising on that computer screen.