Talking with Maajid (on LBC)

Well, this topic of gender seems more like London buses. None come along for days and then suddenly three all appear at once.

This conversation with Maajid was prompted by a Christian family who have decided to sue a school where the school were providing space for a potentially trans child to express themselves in the most appropriate way for them. The actions of this Christian family are not very christian towards those who are different to themselves. Where is the turn the other cheek philosophy?

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from the previous caller to me where the Bible says that people must not wear clothes of the opposite sex. Maajid was challenging this caller’s beliefs and she couldn’t really articulate those where she could be seen as anything but discriminatory. She said that only God can judge but clearly she was doing exactly that.

When beliefs build within, people do not want those beliefs to be challenged so, in some cases, force the world by their actions, to change to sing on their hymn sheet. This invariably will cause some emotional pain within them. The less they look within the more the outer world opposes their views so the more angry they get. I have chosen a very different way of changing the world.

During my life I have had some awful experiences with people judging me and saying so. I hope I’ve managed to articulate this in the conversation with Maajid.

See if this conversation resonates or challenges. A very big thank you to Maajid Nawaz and LBC for the opportunity to talk.

10th September 2017