Talking with Shelagh (on LBC)

I managed to call Shelagh again and this time to discuss the fundamentalist groups who would seek to destroy our way of life by inflicting terror on our streets. Little did I know that an hour later they would do just that and this time around Westminster. The question was mainly around what we can do to change the philosophy of people who are prone to cause violence due to very outdated and very fundamentalist views of their religion. And their view of the West.

It is obvious to me that the war on terror will never be won in the way most societies would like; and this is to destroy those who oppose them. That though will never bring about a shift because you cannot destroy beliefs. Beliefs are built over generations and sink deep into the consciousness of people who are very reluctant to change.

When I called James O’Brien in February (see Talking Trump), I got the impression that no one really wants a long, deep and meaningful discussion to find solutions; we are in a soundbite culture of emails, texts and tweets. I tried with Shelagh to bring my solution right at the beginning of the conversation rather than take time to get to the point. This it seems was of no use as Shelagh wasn’t able to comprehend the ideas I was bringing forward.

Until we are willing to talk in depth nothing will change. Individuals must be willing to look within to find those outdated beliefs as they will invariably hurt themselves more in holding onto them. I sense that people are not yet ready for these ideas and concepts. It means taking responsibility. A very big thank you to Shelagh Fogarty and LBC for the opportunity to talk.

22nd March 2017