Talking with Owen (on LBC)

The trans ‘problem’ seems to be around ever more at the moment. It seems that people are just beginning to wake up to the possibility that there are some people who don’t see themselves fitting in to the gender norms and stereotypes that society prefers to see. It’s a challenge for society and that’s as it should be. Where would society be if no one pushed against paper bag boundaries. The result of not pushing is that we don’t evolve or transcend our fear of difference.

Trans people are now where the gay community were 30 years ago. It’s been a long road after many trans women of colour have been murdered in the States. It’s a long road here still as we grapple with the word ‘normal’ and try to find a new vocabulary that fits. A lot of this is about people changing to see those different to them as human beings. Compassion is what’s needed. Not only for other people but for ourselves as we start looking inwards to alter our perception of life, the universe and everything in between.

Have a listen to Owen and I chatting about some of my experiences with being a trans person. A very big thank you to Owen Jones and LBC for the opportunity to talk.

19th August 2017