The Three Tribes

There were three tribes, all called the HUA, people who were in a constant war of attrition, of conflict, for generation after generation. Yet, there were periods of calmness where their leaders, and the people, grew tired of the deaths and injury inflicted upon them by the neighbouring tribes.

So, each tribe would then agree to halt hostilities, and this would be successful for a generation or two until the succeeding leaders would be driven by ego and self-interest to begin again believing that they, and they alone, should be in charge.

The three tribes were essentially identical, essentially the same in every way, but each believed they had the correct pronunciation of those three letters, HUA. This simple fact, this simple belief, had driven wars, disastrous conflict and had resulted in the deaths of millions over the centuries.

Three simple letters had caused atrocity after atrocity, death after death, children born to be cannon fodder, to hold guns at ever younger ages to hold the line against a perceived enemy.

With the constant focus on their ‘enemy’, on their right to be right, they couldn’t hear the missing notes; the two letters that completed their name; the M & N.


Have we really learnt anything from history as we STILL make the same mistakes, the same errors of judgement, the desperate acts of ego, fighting over lines on maps, considering our Light is better than their Light, seeing the differences more than the similarities?

Nature breeds difference, nature cannot exist without difference, nature cannot evolve without difference. Humans are different, humans have gifts that no other human has, each human brings different skills and different expressions, each human has a different way of seeing.

There cannot ever be a one-size fits all mentality, no one colour, no one sex, no one gender, no one expression. No matter how hard we try, differences cannot ever be extinguished. It is in our very nature, human nature, to be different.

The more you try to extinguish difference, to make us all the same, the more nature will resist. Nature is far more powerful than we simple humans could ever imagine.

ALL humans have value. To blow out the light of just one person, blows out the light of the possibility of change, for the betterment of everyone.