The Foibles of Lewis Hamilton

Every so often, more often than not, a person opens their mouth without giving a thought to the consequences to themselves or the people around them. Lewis Hamilton placed on social media a video that shows himself appearing to chastise his very young nephew that he shouldn’t be wearing a princess dress. Social media lit up like the Christmas tree, with different sides of the argument throwing barbed opinion at the other.

I tend to see these comments by people as rather dull, very predictable and yawn provoking. I’ve heard it all before in my life coming from all sorts of idiots that seem to inhabit media offices around the globe and in particular the Daily Mail offices.

Not many people are aware of how deeply programmed they are to what society deems appropriate. It’s very subtle and it goes in without a second thought. Everyone has an agenda be it political or religious. And this is where we go wrong. We let other people influence us rather than thinking for ourselves. It’s very easy to abdicate responsibility to others who are in the ‘group’, in the ‘collective’, so we can see ourselves as part of something greater. But that choice always creates another ‘group’ or ‘collective’ who are less than. And so the cycle continues.

I had a chance on the 27th December 2017, the day of Lewis Hamilton’s faux pas, to voice my opinions to three presenters on BBC Radio London and LBC. It was an interesting time as I wasn’t just saying the same things but changed the conversation to each. It was rather that my conversation evolved throughout the day.

Have a listen to see if any of this challenges or resonates.

A big thank you to BBC Radio London and LBC for the opportunity to talk again on a topic close to my heart.

With Nikki Bedi – BBC Radio London – 27th December 2017

With Eddie Nestor – BBC Radio London – 27th December 2017

With Matt Stadlen – LBC – 27th December 2017