Web Design

I started designing web sites in June 2006 after many years in the software and broadcasting industries. All of my life experience has gone into the person who I am now with all the creative instinct that was around when I was a child.

That creative instinct has returned and then some, to help me develop and create an image that is suitable for many people who require an effective web presence.

I have learned that simplicity is the key to success with all endeavours, and this for me is no different. Complexity only adds confusion and stifles communication. Since 80% of communication is non-verbal, web sites have to do more than most to get across ideas and philosophies easily.

I hope that in my journey on the world wide web, I will help many with their own journeys, spark interest, and on a simple level, just make people aware of themselves and their own capabilities.

For those who have an interest in creating a web site but, as yet, do not have the skills to begin with this endeavour, simply click on the logo above and step into the unknown and journey with me as your guide. You will be amazed.