Another Opportunity (on the BBC)

I was very surprised when BBC Surrey Radio emailed me for another interview. Only a month ago I was in the studio with Mark Carter listening to me voicing some really challenging, deeply emotional stuff about my transgender experiences.

This time, with the new BBC Two series ‘Boy meets Girl’ being broadcast over the next few weeks, they wanted some more information and Danny Pike of BBC Sussex Radio was in the hot seat. I went to the Guildford studio again and talked to Danny while he was in the Brighton studio.

Although a little nervous, unexpectedly more nervous than the previous recordings, I was late on due to other events being discussed. I waited in silence for them to contact me while sipping at my tea trying to steady the nerves. I used the moments of silence to be in the now and eventually the time came to be on air. That’s when all the nerves vanished and words just flowed. I was less of a stutter than before so doing things that you fear actually does work to eliminate the fear. Go on, you know it’s the only way.

Below is the recording of me. I had permission to edit the clip so I can present it to you. It is the copyright of BBC Surrey Radio. As before, I am grateful to Danny Pike and the team at BBC Surrey Radio & BBC Sussex Radio for such a wonderful opportunity for the world to discover me.

3rd September 2015