Talking with James (on LBC)

Life sometimes throws you an opportunity and it’s up to you to run with it. I was listening to LBC, and to James O’Brien, as I listen to him most mornings. He says a lot of really good things about politics and life that really resonates with me. He comes across as compassionate and is willing to listen to the people that phone in, unlike some of the presenters.

He admits that he struggles with some aspects of the trans community and would like to understand more. I phoned him and what follows on the audio is our conversation. He discussion was directed towards the decision that Justine Greening has made about changing the law to allow transgender people to self identify as a gender relevant to them. I didn’t know that Justine Greening is gay but that shouldn’t affect her choices about her own life and also the direction she takes the Gender Recognition Act. It’s just she is much more aware of the treatment LBGT people receive as being different to others.

Our vocabulary at the moment is not sophisticated enough to cope with the change happening to people and the world in general. I expanded the topic to Grenfell Tower and the Charley Gard case mentioning that some in society would prefer not to have compassion for another as it means they will have to change.

See if this conversation resonates or challenges.

Have a listen to James and I trying to get to grips with gender, naming, and understanding. It does relate to my earlier article Language of Compassion although I didn’t get the chance to mention this. A very big thank you to James O’Brien and LBC for the opportunity to talk.

25th July 2017