Talking Trans (on the BBC)

No one truly knows the impact gender identity disorder or gender dysphoria, has on a person. Especially children who grow up in a society where the topic is left undiscussed, pushed away under the carpet of dogma and bullying. If children can be accepted as the individuals they are then the dysphoria doesn’t have a chance to develop.

Because of the society of the 1950s, my dysphoria developed and stayed with me for decades. It was only in my late 40s that I took to finding solutions to my pain. I would not inflict this sort of pain on another person. I know how insidious rejection can creep its way inside one’s soul and identity.

Individuality is an essential part of being human and it is only those who exhibit such unique differences that society has a chance to grow from its only conflict stance to a more compassionate living.

Below is the recording of me. It is the copyright of BBC Radio London. I am grateful to Nikki Bedi and the team at BBC Radio London.

13th May 2016