It’s 2020 – WAKE UP!

It is time for humankind to wake up, to take responsibility!

Yes, that’s you, that’s me, that’s every one of us! It’s time for us all to take responsibility for our actions, our actions of the past, our actions now and our actions in the future.

What I mean is for us to become aware, to wake up to what is happening in the world. Yes, this has been said many times before, and in many different ways, but for the sake of this beautiful planet, for the sake of all life, all living things on this planet, now is the time.

The wildfires in Australia are devastating, as are the figures emerging of people and homes being destroyed, and most upsetting is the number of animals, both those that live in the wild and the farm animals that are being killed by the flames.

We have been shown endless photos of koalas and kangaroos being rescued, being given water by humans. This is tragic.

But what we don’t seem to be aware of is that this tragedy towards animals is being repeated around the world on a daily basis! No, not by fire, but through factory farming! Animals are being herded together, then sent to slaughter houses so as to provide us humans with meat.

Did we not realise this? Are we in denial?

Is this not yet another holocaust? Only on a far larger scale?

Some animals are killed by having their throats cut whilst still alive, yet others have their livers removed whilst still alive, just so that humans can have pate to eat!

Oh, but they’re just animals, I hear you say, they’re not human like us …

Tell me, have you ever looked into the eyes of an animal?

They have feelings and emotions too, just like us. You don’t believe me? Look again, look hard at the pictures of the koalas and kangaroos that are suffering!

Animals are living, sentient beings, just like us, yet we have abused and killed them for centuries, but never more so than in the last 100 years or so.

The animals that are killed are just like us in that they give birth, their bodies are made up of water, blood, veins, heart, organs, digestive systems;  just like us. They feel love, feel fear and experience anxiety; just like us. They have 4 limbs; just like us!

Are you still in denial?

Factory farming is damaging the countryside and rivers. Fresh water life is being wiped out by farmyard manure. Soils are being damaged by over farming.

It’s time for us to wake up and stop this madness. We need to work with nature, not try to control it.

There are new technologies for farming and agriculture that are being discovered and introduced in different places eg. Finland. We need to embrace these new technologies.

A recent program on Channel 4 ‘Apocalypse Cow’ portrayed what is happening only too clearly, but it also showed that there are still many situations where we could work alongside nature to a greater extent.

Humankind and nature are one together. Nature is not separate from us. Whenever an animal suffers cruelty, a human suffers abuse. Every tree that is destroyed, every ocean animal that dies through pollution, every heart that breaks when witnessing ignorance and carelessness is felt and experienced both by nature and by humans as one. It’s like a knock on effect for both.

  • Let’s begin to be more honest.
  • Let’s begin to notice the connections.
  • Let’s wake up and become more aware.

Nature affects humankind. Humankind affects nature – Why? Because we are one.

We are in this together. So, let’s begin to work together, to make changes happen for the highest good of all life, all living things on this planet.

Each one of us has the ability to make a difference.

Let’s start right now at the beginning of this new decade!