Talking with Andrew Pierce (on LBC)

There are still people in this country (and others) who want conversion therapy to remain. The government is holding off on banning it. The religious around us are the main culprits, and the government is using this as a way of distracting from themselves. The transgender and the gay have become scape goats.

I find this appalling in the 21st Century, that we can’t have compassion for those who are different. Yes, we have two sexes for procreation, but that is purely for making sure our DNA is the best it can be. Why are we not helping everyone on this planet to be the best they can be?

Shame on those who want conversion therapy to continue.

As I said in the conversation, “What hurts you so much that you have to hurt me in order to feel better about yourself.” Quite a profound question.

Thanks to Andrew Pierce and LBC for the opportunity to have a conversation on this very important subject.

23rd January 2022