Talking with Maajid Nawaz (on LBC)

The TERFs are at it again. TERFs are Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists. Trying to ban free speech by challenging debate and stopping the conversation about trans and feminism is the last thing we need to do. There is a metaphorical war going on because humans have this feeling of an alienable right their views and beliefs are the only ones allowed. All conversations shouted down stops our evolution as a society and as an individual.

There is huge value in listening to another person, and I mean really listening, as seeing another opinion is the only way we can understand where someone else is coming from. Plus, listening to another helps us to understand ourselves better.

Things that work first time rarely provide any learning or transformation as its over and done with never to be revisited. It’s the things that go wrong that allow an understanding greater than is usually possible. It’s far better to understand what doesn’t work so we can see where life needs to go. So many more things go wrong than go right. It’s how we learn.

Being trans is a medical condition and not a choice. Stifling debate doesn’t help either side or human beings.

Hurt people, hurt people. Bullied people, bully people. It’s ever so easy to direct our anger at other people who have had no part on our pain. We cannot direct it at the perpetrators who inflicted violence upon us so choose to direct this at those who are here, now. We can continue to do this in perpetuity or we can look with in ourselves to release the pain and anger.

I have chosen the latter. The freedom to speak and to listen to alternative views is part of life.

See if this conversation resonates or challenges. A very big thank you to Maajid Nawaz and LBC for the opportunity to talk.

1st October 2017