A Brighton Trip (on the BBC)

A trip to Brighton to the BBC Sussex studios was a mixture of rain and sun. I was given a bunch of papers to read and choose some stories to talk about on air. What surprised me was the crassness of some of these stories. Admittedly, I don’t read papers much but I found this lowest common denominator approach quite sad.

The stories seem to be just a lot of spin and minutiae of pointless, very shallow experiences designed to confuse and create fear in the general population. Most of us want to stay in the shallow end of the life so our feet can touch the bottom of the pool. It’s only when we swim to the deep end of life that we can find more about ourselves and how we function. We have to live without a net so everything in life becomes possible.

I did enjoy the time on air and talking with Allison. I prefer having conversations with people, looking at them straight in the eye and seeing right into their soul. In this way you have the greatest connection.

Below is the recording of me and Allison Ferns. I had permission to edit the clip so I can present it to you. It is the copyright of BBC Sussex Radio. It’s an interesting 30 minutes.

I am grateful to the team at BBC Surrey Radio & BBC Sussex Radio for such a wonderful opportunity for the world to discover me.

6th April 2016