Talking Transphobia (on the BBC)

Transphobia seems to be on the rise again after we have had a flurry of activity in the trans world. Caitlyn Jenner, Kellie Maloney, me, The Danish Girl, comments by Germaine Greer and Jeremy Clarkson, and trans individuals being put in the inappropriate gender prison. More suicides. And murders. It seems never ending. All the negativity is surfacing to be looked at.

I spoke to Danny Pike on BBC Sussex Radio about my experiences of bullying I had received in my early years. He also mentioned the result of a court case involving transphobia against a woman called Lucy Nelson who had suffered abuse from someone over the period of two years. Unacceptable.

Below is the recording of me. I had permission to edit the clip so I can present it to you. It is the copyright of BBC Sussex Radio.

I thought later that a better punishment for this horrible individual should be that he has to pay for breast implants for Lucy if she wants them.

I am grateful to Danny Pike and the team at BBC Surrey Radio & BBC Sussex Radio for such a wonderful opportunity for the world to discover me; again.

15th February 2016