Spiral of Liberation

The Spiral of Liberation is just one aspect of the tools I give in the book, A Way of Seeing. These are Words of Infinite Possibility. They can change you immeasurably should you choose to work with them, following them one after the other.

You have to start with communication as this forms be basis of all transformation. Listening to yourself and to others, really hearing what they say to you and what you say to yourself leads to understanding.

Once you understand, the freedom to be yourself is the inevitable result.

I intuited the first three words while at a workshop for the new millennium in 1999, the second three from the science fiction series Babylon 5 and the remainder originated from life experiences trying to peel back the layers of rubbish, the flotsam and jetsam of other people’s beliefs, needs and wants and their judgements of me as a transgender person.

I reached a level of vulnerability that surprised me. Not the vulnerability of weakness or subjugation, but one of being completely at ease with myself. I have no agenda. I still have my fears but these are 10% of what they once were. And these fears only surface when they need to be released.

Here is the original document pulled from the book A Way of Seeing for you to read.

Document: Words of Infinite Possibility (PDF, 540KB)