Breaking The Shell

Over many years, and probably decades, we build a crust around us, a wall that stops people invading our space. Eventually, the wall we have built begins to hinder our progress in life, hindering the communication with others that is vital if we are to begin dismantling this barrier. Chicken and egg you say!

Well, it starts with you. You have to find it within to start the painful process of removing this wall brick by painful brick. Taking responsibility for your feelings is one such step as no one else can be blamed for your perception of life and those around you.

Once you are willing to face the darkness within, chinks of light appear in the shell covering that darkness. Once illuminated, the darkness begins to melt away leaving only the core Soul which is the real you.

It is not an easy process and can be a very painful one as parts of you disintegrate before your eyes, parts that you thought were you. It takes time and cannot be an overnight success so it is accepting that you are in it for the long haul.

However, the haul is definitely worth doing and experiencing as the more bricks you discard the more free you will feel, and the more freedom you will feel. Letting go of other people’s opinions and judgements of you, and your perception of what you think they think of you is a wonderful freeing experience.

Opening your own Pandora’s box can be challenging to say the least as it requires us to study in minute detail the what’s, the why’s and the wherefore’s of everything in that box. And who put these things in the box?

You did. So only you can pull them out.

No time like the present. Why not start now?