My Thoughts on Politics & Politicians

I really am wondering if I’m on the same planet as everyone else. What I see around me in politics and the stalemate in Brexit, I just wonder what the outcomes are likely to be now for a country that used to lead with technology and democracy for many centuries.

Like the Romans before us, we took over many parts of the world in a very negative way, barging in where we weren’t wanted, to change religious views and concepts alien to those we wanted to control so we were the ones with the advantage. Now, in the 21st Century, the UK and its people seem to have let slip the mantle of being sensible.

Perhaps it’s our very history that dooms us to a life of indecision and conflict. No doubt because of karma wrought by centuries of strip-mining countries we had no right to invade. And invade we did; not asked or invited; conquered.

Now we see the possibility of our country making the biggest mistake of its existence by deciding to remove ourselves from the largest collection of peoples in Europe. When I voted, I chose, not deciding on financial or for political reasons, but simply on the basis of when life gets troubling or full of conflict, you join together rather than split apart.

You talk rather than just run away when the going gets tough. The UK is running away, the political strata is running away, the people are running away from the choices they made years ago with information that was suspect at a minimum and downright lies at a maximum.

There are those on the planet who would wish to drive stakes into the heart of the EU. They cannot win. They cannot be allowed to win.

I suspect the choice we were led to believe was the best for us, the people, were led by those who had vested interests in us escaping from Europe, specifically because their lives would be made better but at the expense of the rest of society, a society who is still in pain from austerity. Our leaders, if you can call them that, really don’t care anymore, and to me, appear to be sociopathic in nature. Leaders are supposed to have wisdom and intelligence. I see none of that.

Even in the days of Margaret Thatcher, I didn’t see the pain so obviously there due to little access to information available through the biased media of the day. The internet has changed massively the landscape of how information is distributed.

I am surprised at many of the politicians swinging on the fence of indecision and failing to understand the nature of their role in the backdoor dismantling of democracy. If the middle ground politicians don’t do their job properly then the outer, more fundamentalist groups will have more influence. The vote for leaving was never about the EU as the EU was never the bad guy, but was portrayed that way due to the interests of a minority who benefit from the UK leaving.

Yes, society felt it needed to take back control, but from whom? Certainly not the EU. We needed control again but from those very politicians who sucked us dry with their rhetoric and subterfuge, saying one thing while doing another, over-firmly denying something else. Many politicians start out with good intentions but are drained of compassion by a broken system gone way past its sell-by date. The Phoenix needs to visit the parliamentary system so we can rebuild something new from the ashes.

If you wish to see the UK fall under the train of negativity and lies, and see our society fall into thinking difference means bad, fighting one another to find the scraps left by the rich, then continue on the path you are treading. What an appalling legacy to be remembered for.

If, however, you would like to see the people of the UK prosper, then take a different path towards a new political system that really does see one person one vote; proportional representation. Move towards compassion and honesty so the people will see a great example of the way forward. The only examples they currently see are liars and scoundrels and those who would sell their grandmother if it gave them an advantage. Can you not see how society flourishes or falls on the examples you and other politicians present?

Let the UK be a beacon of what is morally right, to show an example of true democracy in action and rewrite the rules of the game to allow a more transparent political system, one that is designed to help the many at the expense of no one.

Great Britain was never great as it overrode those who were its citizens and those of other countries. Let Great Britain be the focal point of great change and transformation, of finding a path to greatness through compassion and communication, and a rarely used tool called listening.

I’d rather the country I live in be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Removing ourselves from the EU will be the worst mistake we have ever made. Don’t let our inheritors be the ones who pay for our idiocy. Please look after the interests of the population rather than your own. You have spent your time painting the EU as the enemy.

Have you not yet realised? You are becoming the enemy.

And, as for the bigger picture! Yes, there is always a bigger picture if you can stand far enough from the detail to stop being embroiled in the pain of fear and torture of confusion. As individuals, we journey in life until the pain of where we are exceeds the pain of the unknown. At this point we choose to jump into the unknown because we see it as less painful. And the unknown has many more possibilities to choose from.

As a village, as a town, as a city, as a county, as a country, that logic is still appropriate. Thus, we as a country have to arrive at so much pain, a tipping point, where we move as one hive in one direction to make changes to a political system no longer fit for purpose in the 21st Century. We are at that point right now.

I’ve seen films such as Divergent, Hunger Games and Handmaid’s Tale, and wonder how and why such societies could come into being. We are at that point right now, looking down the barrel of a government fixed upon creating its own dystopian society where the few control the many.

While we choose to be on one side of the yin yang, we can only see things from our perspective. We need to evolve our consciousness so we can see both sides of the yin yang and thus make better choices for our future and those of our inheritors. It’s unfair, and undemocratic, to leave our mess to be cleared up by those who have yet to be born.

There is no coincidence that the vote effectively split the country down the middle. This is the only point where maximum chaos, and maximum pain, can sustain the clarion call to the Phoenix to do its work. No matter what choices the people make, no matter what choices the politicians decide to do either legally or outside the spirit of the law, no one will care which side deserves the blame. It no longer matters who started it. It only matters who is suffering.