Talking Discrimination (on LBC)

I had yet another opportunity to converse with Iain Dale on LBC.

It does seem America has gone mad. More rules and regulations on allowing religious groups and businesses to discriminate against gays and trans people. As if life isn’t hard enough already for the LBGT community. Some States have passed legislation to give permission to some in society to refuse services and to vilify certain people who they believe are not worthy. Talk about compassion or lack of. So called religious groups are talking all the time about inclusivity but their actions go against this.

I hope that, after we have provided marriage equality in this country, that all things American don’t start coming over here.

When society is fracturing, those who don’t want to face this change in their lives, look for scapegoats to blame. This happens to be us trans and gays. Shame on those who blame and judge. Look within yourself. The answers are there.

Trans people show a wonderful gift. This is authenticity. Society needs examples to work from in order to evolve. How many people are authentic? Not many. A big thank you to Iain Dale and LBC.

11th April 2016