Talking with James O’Brien (on LBC)

Gender and toilets and clothes seem to be in the news most days now. People do get their knickers in a right twist about things that challenge. What with John Lewis altering children’s clothes to make them more gender neutral and toilets going unisex, the world and its oyster are going nuts over boundaries that are breaking by the dozen.

Many people can’t abide anything that throws them into a tizzy about simple things that flout the binary woman and man stance. Only straight women and straight men can exist; anything else is not allowed or treated as a focus of ridicule or vilification, rejection poured upon shame poured upon guilt, against a person who just wants to be themselves.

Religion does seem to make people put their foot down with a firm hand and anything that doesn’t fit to their standards has to be removed from their eyes otherwise huge offence is taken. Religion seems to remove any form of sanity and common sense. And humanity and compassion.

James can really put people in their place as they couldn’t justify their position or belief. He has a way of showing the ridiculousness of their stance and consequently they struggle to understand the nature of a belief which undermines the natural inherent-ness of another human being.

See if this conversation resonates or challenges. A very big thank you to James O’Brien and LBC for the opportunity to talk.

8th September 2017