Talking with James Again (on LBC)

In the midst of the Pride celebrations, it seems only right to discuss LGBT issues again. People sometimes feel icky when they see members of the same sex holding hands, showing affection and perhaps kissing. We are as an English nation, quite retarded in coming out and expressing a natural trait.

And what is that natural trait?


Expressing this to another is the height of compassion and acceptance. Why is this still so difficult for so many in the world we live dogged by religion and opinion and discrimination. The bully learns to bully because that’s all they know, all they have had in their life. They can sniff out the fear in another very easily as they are attuned to it because of their own experience.

The bully reacts to their own fear, their own emotions and thoughts as they rise from deep within. Not knowing how to process these dark feelings, the only way they know how to react to them is to blame the person or group that challenges their fear to surface. It cannot ever be them that’s the problem; it must be someone else.

Until we are willing to talk in depth nothing will change. Individuals must be willing to look within to find those outdated beliefs as they will invariably hurt themselves more in holding onto them. I sense that people are not yet ready for these ideas and concepts. It means taking responsibility. A very big thank you to James O’Brien and LBC for the opportunity to talk.

3rd July 2018