A Way of Seeing: The Book

I now have my very own YouTube channel called A Way of Seeing after the book; not very surprising really.

  • Are you afraid to be vulnerable?
  • Would you like to learn how to be more authentic, open and honest?
  • Would you like all your relationships to be more fulfilling?
  • Would you like to release decades of suppressed emotion and feeling?

When we’re born, we’re a blank canvas of possibility and opportunity. We’re born with courage in our hearts and vibrancy in our souls. As soon as we take our first breath, the first brush strokes are made on the canvas as our experiences, environment and upbringing create landscapes and abstract textures. Slowly, over time, this can redefine our essence of Self as we take on the beliefs, ideals, expectations, judgements and pain of others, as well as our own choices and decisions carving out new shapes and dimensions.

My own journey in life took me to a place of deep pain. My experiences led me down some dark and challenging pathways. I allowed the blank canvas of me to be covered in the paint of people’s needs and wants, expectations and limits, and I also tried to paint the masterpiece I thought I ought to create thereby hiding the true me in the process.

Whilst I spent time trying to brush over what others had painted, this left the unexpressed anger and rage hiding underneath. Not only did I have to remove their paint, but I had to acknowledge, and take responsibility for, my own choices and brushstrokes in order to re-discover the pristine canvas of me once again and to accept myself as my perfectly imperfect Self. It was only then that I could paint my own shades of harmony; the real me.

This book then is a philosophical and spiritual paint remover wrapped in metaphor.

A Way of Seeing: It’s All a Matter of Perception, is my journey from restriction to freedom, from constraint to choice, from imprisonment to liberty.

  • Do you want to experience this for yourself?
  • Do you want to experience freedom, choice and liberty?

If so, step into the unknown with me as your guide.

A Way of Seeing: It's All a Matter of Perception

A Way of Seeing is available on Amazon.

Some of the book’s content is already available on this website so you can get a flavour of my writing style. There is so much more in the book.

I am also writing a second book called The Silent Revolution which is a follow up designed to take readers far deeper into peace and release.