Cycles are events that repeat on a regular basis. Cycles of time, space, energy, thought, memory, experience, movement of stars, the list goes on and on. Cycles are fundamental to birth, life and death and life. The Universe is full of cycles.

On a microscopic scale we have an electron orbiting the nucleus. On a cosmic scale we have the Sun orbiting the centre of our galaxy and the Earth and Planets orbiting the Sun. Even the day is a cycle caused by the rotation of our planet on its axis. The Moon in its relationship with the Earth causes the cycle in the ebb and flow of the tides. The Universe cannot survive without cycles, it requires movement and change to continue, destruction and creation, of breaking down substance into its constituent parts and rebuilding into something more elaborate and refined.

The cycles range from the microscopic to the those that last for millions of years. The length and repetition of ice ages is caused by orbital mechanics and the weather patterns of the Earth, the Moon and the Sun. The Sun has its own 11 year cycle of storms, its own ebb and flow of sun spots and flares. These flare eruptions can disrupt the Earth’s magnetic field and cause amazing Aurora Borealis displays at the Poles.

Generational memory is important as it prevents mistakes happening again. Once the knowledge of the outcome of a particular events fades out of living memory and into the distant past, we run the risk of making that very same mistake again. And we do make those mistakes again. Even when those events are recorded for future generations, we can only interpret those words from our own perspective and, more often than not, miss the message left by our forefathers.