Life, A Puzzle

During this journey called Life, we grow from infants to adults moving from event to event, situation to situation, person to person. Sometimes we stall over a particular circumstance that throws us into turmoil creating pain and anguish, always some anger and a myriad of other emotions that we perceive as positive or negative.

Sometimes however, if we have the courage to confront our fears by learning to face them and move through them we can overcome all that is presented to us. By confronting our fears we can learn to perceive these myriad of situations in a very different light.

Being a software writer, my logical mind looks for answers to problems in my work and that involves debugging. Once a bug has been found and corrected, I am able to move on to the next problem. I find that I do the same with my own life. I look for answers in many places and with many people, asking questions of them in a way to understand the conundrum that is my Being.

One piece of the puzzle is rarely sufficient but after many pieces have been gathered, I can see a clearer picture. This picture, for me, leads to great insights not achievable in any other way. Every picture leads to a fear being released or at the very least, understand. I have since realised that every picture in itself is just a piece of an ever larger puzzle. That puzzle is Life.