The agreements I am going to cover, range from the individual to the world and beyond. The vastness of this range is surprising but the same philosophy and structure can be used to describe concepts at each level. This is what we term the macrocosm and microcosm, as above so below. Patterns that can be seen in large scale are often repeated at the microscopic level. The reflection of the Sun and the Planets in the Atom.

When we have an idea or concept, it is usually because we have heard it from someone else. We rarely have original ideas that come from within. It is useful to have agreements with others so we can be seen to be the same as everyone else. In being different we pay a price, and this is to be pushed to the fringes of society, ridiculed and misunderstood by those around us because of their fear about the differences we exhibit. If we join in, our lives can be made tolerable, but we give up something of our integrity and individuality.

The agreements I am discussing here are subconscious, very subconscious, so deep within that it could be said to be part of our genetic makeup. It also has a great deal to do with subjectivity, filters, beliefs, and the way we view our reality.

The first agreement is the belief that we and the world are solid, even though the scientists have agreed that the atom consists of mostly space. In order for this belief to manifest on a global scale, we must all agree to play our part in maintaining this belief. The manifestation of our three dimensional environment can only be maintained by the agreement of all. If enough people decide to opt-out of the agreement, the dream, the solid environment will become unstable. The instability arises out of the discovery of the illusion by those whose growth has exceeded their ability to stay within the illusion.

The dream, the illusion to which I am referring, can be described by the use of an analogy. In Star Trek: The Next Generation, the concept of the holodeck has been quite cleverly introduced. The series described the holodeck as a development of their matter transfer technology, the transporter. The adaptation of this technology allows human beings to interact with computer generated characters. These characters appear to be ‘real’ but are in fact a collection of atoms sculpted together to form the illusion of solid matter. It can be likened to a very sophisticated virtual reality game. Rather than using VR goggles and body suits to create the effect, the players are completely immersed in an environment which is entirely computer generated, entirely an illusion. One simply cannot tell which is ‘real’, the holodeck or life. The computer controlled environment synthesizes all sensual signals, fooling our senses into a belief that something is real when it is not.

I see the holodeck as a seed, a word to which we can attach a concept so difficult to describe that it would take millions of words to convey even a fraction of the idea to another. I see the holodeck as a seed ready to be germinated in the consciousness of mankind. How would the great philosophers of 100 years ago describe this idea to others? How would Nostradamus in his visions convey such a impression? An impossibility. They simply would not be able to comprehend a holodeck without previous experience or understanding of that which is being presented to them. The word holodeck for us contains such meaning and understanding that we are able to talk of it to our peers without fear of confusion.

As a desktop computer has an operating system and programs, the holodeck has its own that is able to coalesce atoms into seemingly solid matter. Our version of reality is controlled by the program we have developed over millennia. This program is basically a contract we have with others to agree that certain ideals will be adhered to.