An End Point

Life is a journey to an end point. However, in reality it is not the end point that is of importance or the goal. It is the lessons that challenge us along the road that have substance and worth. How we deal with those challenges is where we grow and grow immeasurably.

Along that road we meet others who are travelling to the same destination and it is those people that we interact with. It is through this interaction that we grow. Sure, we can sit at the peak of a mountain and meditate all day and every day to reach an inner peace, but it is through our contact and relationships with other people that we can learn the most about ourselves.

There are three important words that should not, and must not, be forgotten. These are communication, understanding and freedom.

Everyone has an innate need to be themselves, the freedom to be themselves. To gain this freedom we must be able to afford others that freedom also. Learning to do this is difficult as it opposes all the techniques we have developed to help stabilise our immediate environment by controlling others. Learning to give everyone we meet the freedom to be themselves frees us from the need to control them. And because we don’t have to control, we are given the opportunity to gain a real insight and a real understanding of their beliefs and their perception of their world.

At the cornerstone of this freedom is communication. Once we are willing to communicate, we can open doors which were once closed, dissolve obstacles that once fostered differences and heal those who would prefer to remain in pain.

Eventually we will realise that we are all travelling the same road. For some there may be small detours that take us temporarily from the path, but these are planned for us to gain a unique insight into ourselves and others who have similar diversions.

If we do not communicate we cannot possibly understand the freedom we have. If we do not communicate we will not be free.