Illness & Healing

Many people believe that healing is overcoming or curing the physical manifestation of an illness and very little else. Once the physical symptoms disappear, we are cured. Why does illness and dis-ease exist and why do symptoms occasionally return?

Healing, as I understand it, is a change in our perception of a circumstance arising out of viewing it under a different light or with different eyes. The healing is internal rather than external. As our perception alters so do the physical symptoms we may be suffering from.

Mainstream medicine will only look at the symptoms presented by the patient and to cure them of these, rather than looking deeper into the problem in order to find the actual cause. They prefer to spend precious resources curing rather than preventing. To be fair, this is how the medical profession is. They cannot, or will not (at least at the moment), look at any other form of healing that is outside their zone of experience, something that is solidly based around science, preferring to believe that alternative therapies do not work. If you cannot see it, feel it or measure it, in their eyes, it does not exist.

Healing as I understand it, is a change in our perception of a circumstance by viewing it under a different light or with different eyes. Thus, healing is an internal process rather than an external one. Healing is about changing our perception of a situation. The situation may not ever change, but what does is the way we choose to see it. This transformation of our view point provides us with the way forward to eventually healing our physical symptoms by reviewing the underlying cause. As our perception of the illness alters, so do the physical symptoms we are suffering from. This effect can be immediate, but in the majority of cases the symptoms lessen gradually until they disappear completely.

A lot of people on the Spiritual path, complain that “I have done all this inner work and my symptoms are still there. Why haven’t they gone?” This is due to the fact that our body will hold on to an illness until the underlying issue has been processed to a satisfactory conclusion. The symptoms are there for one reason, and one reason only. And that is to gain your attention. Until you are willing to unearth the issue that preceded the symptoms, the body will remain forever in its own distress without any hope of recovery.

Ann came to me with several symptoms relating to her lower back and hips, and particularly her upper thigh muscles which were very tight and very painful. This discomfort had been around for about six years, and none of the practitioners, both mainstream and alternative, had given her any relief or discovered any physical cause. Even the anti-inflammatory tablets she was given were less becoming less effective.

As we talked it became clear to me that her symptoms stemmed from her final conversation with her dying sister. Her sister had voiced her own jealousy about Ann remaining alive whilst she herself would leave her children without their mother. Ann came away from this encounter deeply hurt. During the Reiki treatment she felt as if someone was holding her very tightly, so tightly in fact that her breathing was becoming strained. Afterward the treatment she commented that she had felt no fear, but a felt great love. Only in a letter to me a month later, did she voice that she realised that the presence was that of her sister. She also stated that she had had a treatment from a chiropractor who discovered a bone was out of alignment in her back and that this was the cause of her pain. It is interesting that this misalignment was not detected sooner.

When a person is hiding from an issue that generates fear, the body has to resort to tactics which will make the person notice, at least eventually. The way the body does this is to cause pain or discomfort. The threshold of this pain is minimal to begin with but is raised in intensity in stages when the person decides to ignore these signals. I liken this body mode as ‘Listening to Whispers’ borrowed from a book by Gill Edwards.

Listening to whispers means that any indication of discomfort is the body trying to catch our attention. It starts with a whisper. If this is ignored the intensity is gradually increased reaching a shout and then a scream. By then of course, mere discomfort has become a debilitating illness. With Ann, her bone misalignment was her body’s way of attracting her attention to deal with the feelings associated with her sister. Since she had ignored these for six years the condition became chronic. Once the pain became unbearable she began to deal with it through pain killers and when these lost their effectiveness, she turned to the alternative therapy contingent to find an effective solution.

To maintain the level of pain in the body, the body must hide the actual cause of the physical condition to guarantee it will eventually gain the attention of the person, and to prevent a cure from happening. Ann’s misaligned bone was cleverly hidden from all practitioners until she had processed the issue the body wanted her to deal with. Once the emotional distress was attended to, the misaligned bone could be made visible thus initiating a healing of the physical.

There are times when symptoms remain no matter what we do to alleviate them. If this is the case, then it may be that the illness is providing the lesson itself. It maybe that this is a Soul choice to experience this particular illness and nothing can or will be done to change this course. The illness is the experience. This is a very hard lesson indeed but, when one is able to come to terms with this choice and work with the illness rather than against it, the symptoms will lessen rather than disappear altogether. They become manageable rather than debilitating.

What you resists persists. Acceptance is a very powerful tool and once learned, can open our eyes to the wonders of our life.