Filters are something that can alter our perception. When we are born, it can be said that we are a blank page – almost everything about us is brand new. However, we do have issues that we bring with us to resolve. These would be unresolved lessons and issues that are past life related that we may choose to deal with during this lifetime. These past life issues can be particularly difficult to resolve as anger may surface from no apparent present life cause.

Filters are necessary to prevent our brains from being bombarded with irrelevant information, information that would otherwise cause overload. A filter is essentially a different sort of belief. It is tightly coupled with our belief systems but operates in another way. Its role is to filter out all erroneous information that doesn’t agree with our belief systems. Our task is to modify our current beliefs so these can include other beliefs that presently oppose those we hold. This expansion of belief is set in motion by simply being willing to look at other areas of life and the letting go of the need to say that our belief is the only one that is right.

The filter is built, as is our belief systems, over the course of our formative years. During these early years, everything we do and see around us is processed by our filter and beliefs. The filter and beliefs change over time to include new information gathered. At some stage a point is reached where no more changes will occur naturally. From that point we have to be willing to change before any further alteration is possible.

A filter will affect our understanding of the world and of the people that inhabit that world. It is our world, the one we created with our thoughts.