The Last Bit

As human beings our own perception is constantly shifting, as we change and evolve. Something you read two years ago may not have made sense at the time, but because you have moved on, and gained considerable insight since then, when you return to the same passage, you may suddenly see the light, and understand the true meaning behind the words. The more we change and grow, the more we are able to comprehend, and understand more advanced spiritual philosophies and truths.

If what you read here, or anywhere else for that matter, does not resonate with you at the deepest core of your being, then simply put the information to one side and release it with love. You can always come back to it in two years time when your perception has changed!

Personal growth and transformation is an important part of my life now. Considerable peace has been gained in looking at those things I went to so much trouble and pain to hide from.

I am a software engineer by trade and have a growing interest in philosophy – hence this article. I am also a Reiki Seichem Master and am co-guardian, with my partner June, of many Crystal Skulls. The Skulls have provided both of us with the greatest challenge and the greatest rewards. An open mind is one lesson. Another is to see everything and everyone with the child like innocence of unconditional acceptance – a hard lesson but one we are definitely moving towards on our own particular roads. Our roads entwine much of the time as our lessons seem to be the same ones. When our roads do separate, it is because we are presented with different lessons. However, we are always there to support each other through whatever tasks we meet.