Conspiracies: In Theory

Written September 2013

I was listening to a radio programme recently and heard a person talk about the 9/11 tragedy. It was obvious how they were caught up in the conspiracy widely broadcast on the internet and the media that groups within the American Government were actually the perpetrators behind the destruction rather than the terrorists. A friend of mine was voicing the same about the Boston Marathon bombing where she suggested that the American Government pointed at the suspects as scapegoats to deflect attention away from them so they could bring in ever more stringent and draconian measures to restrict the freedom of the population.

There is nothing more controlling than to create fear in people so they become malleable and pliable, acquiescent. That in itself appears to be a conspiracy all of its own. But listen.

When Bush and Blair created a dossier of WMD’s in Iraq, they lied for their own ends and did to humanity one of the most despicable acts of disservice. They cried wolf. That lie cried wolf. That lie consigned many millions of people, millions of women, children and men to live out their short lives in real fear. They live in fear of their dictator leaders, the fear of death, injury and loss of their family. They live in fear of those who have no interest in them but only in their own warped beliefs about their perceived enemy.

That lie condemned many simply because we no longer believe our politician leaders when they bring to our attention the struggles of our neighbours. We have come to realise that our leaders have an agenda different to what they express to us. We no longer believe. I have a different theory, a different conspiracy to posit.

This is a conspiracy of the heart. Does it really matter who is behind these atrocities? They happen simply because someone is in the pain of hate, the torture of anger, the feeling of revulsion for their perceived enemy. Rather than look within to change their view of the outside world, they try to change to outside world so they don’t have to look within.

The conspiracy of the heart is one where we broadcast our love for humanity, to send this to those who are in pain and sorrow, hate and anger, for they experience no joy, no happiness, no love. It matters not whether these are groups within governments or individuals; they are in immense pain, a pain so overwhelming that they have to act in order to reduce it. They just choose to reduce it by the manipulation of those around them. As I said, they stage-manage their external world so they do not have to view their internal world for it is far too painful to do so.

It is our task to envelope them in as much love as we can muster. Join in the conspiracy of the heart and broadcast your love to the world no matter the soul.