Written During 2003

Ode to St Michael’s

St Michael’s, a church in the centre of Ewell
Is a place where we top up our Spiritual fuel
We can meet the Divine in a number of ways
And the Angels galore that meet with our gaze

The energy is still, for most of the time
It’s when we join in, it turns to sublime
The space is just right for our services too
Although some of the words are said in Hebrew

The God and the Goddess, are in equal measure
To experience them both is an absolute treasure
Acceptance is chief as no dogma allowed
The people are nice and a jolly good crowd

Our desires and our views are brought to this place
A few prayers to ‘The One’ to get on our case
If troubled, no fear, there’s constant support
If talking don’t work, there’s always the Port

Our freedom to speak whatever our Truth
By now I am getting a bit long in the tooth
Here I will end with a plea to you all
To go out from this place and really stand tall

10 December 2003

Expression of Gratitude

A year has gone past since I came out the box
Stockings now replace those un-colourful socks
Colin into Caren, the chrysalis breaks
Movement is steady with no foot on the brakes

Butterfly is born, transformation begun
The quest for my balance will surely be won
Caren more expresses my essence of Soul
My journey for Self is the ultimate goal

Forty odd years with my gender confusion
Sometimes I think, “Is this just a delusion?”
The stress now reduced with the secret revealed
In giving a chance for the pain to be healed

Both female and male are constituent parts
To ignore either one will upset the carts
In embracing as one just makes you more whole
Reflecting in nature the genderless Soul

For June, I give thanks for the years by my side
Her acceptance of me just fills me with pride
She sees the real me regardless of dress
And is there mopping brows to ease my distress

I give thanks to you all from the depths of my heart
So be proud of yourselves for playing your part
Here I will end overflowing with pleasures
With love to you all, my absolute treasures

24 December 2003