Written During 1996

Ode to Barnfield

Having been at the stables a year and a half
I’ve had some great fun and a really good laugh.
Contact with horses is hard to transcend
it certainly has quite a lot to commend.
The folks there are friendly and exceedingly warm
creating an air where we don’t have to perform.

On Tuesday’s I join with that wonderful hour
in time spent with children that never turns sour.
The children all come with differing skills
we treat them the same no matter their ills.
To witness the change is a sight to behold
a stunning transformation worth a lot more than gold.

Walking beside at a moderate pace
sometimes would turn to a mini horse race.
Running up and down puffing hard as we go
unaware of which seeds we are beginning to sow.
Enjoying our tea in the well deserved breaks
is a chance to relax and tend to our aches.

On Thursday’s there’s children and adults as well
it’s pleasing to watch them come out of their shell.
They relish the sound of that clippity-clop
observing our words as we teach them to stop.
As tears turn to laughter now trotting embraced
from stumbles to steps in progression replaced.

Un-tacking with ease like never before
while dodging the bits that reside on the floor.
When unsighted young children remember my name
it’s the warmth I receive makes me glad that I came.

31 December 1996