Themes of the Goddess

Here is a series of poems written due to my need to face the Goddess within. As a result I started a course called Embracing the Goddess at the church I attend. The church is a wonderful non-denominational called St Michael’s Sanctuary in Ewell, Surrey. The church is very much one that has acceptance written on the door. Not literally, but figuratively. Everyone is accepted no matter their views or beliefs. A poem written to this wonderful place is on my 2003 poem page.

Ode to the Goddess

Is time for the Winter and cold as is snow
Fallen leaves on the land, the four winds doth blow
Resting flora and fauna that live in the ground
Hiding creatures asleep that make not a sound

The Goddess of Winter awakens to see
A world that is bleak, the autumn’s debris
The Spirits of earth begin with their toil
In tending the land by turning the soil

In order to build, She must first turn to dust
By changing the leaves to a colour of rust
All that is dead, returns to the earth
To wait for next year and a wondrous rebirth

Stone circles relate to the turn of the Moon
They bring us together for us to commune
We gather around the ritual fire
In reverence toward the dazzling Gaia

The darkness draws in, until longest night
We pray to the Goddess to bring back the Light

10 December 2003

Goddess Epona

Please shepherd my tour in the calling of life
And help me accept all the trouble and strife
If progress is fast, so long as I’m able
My journey no doubt will turn to a fable

12 December 2003

Goddess Black Annis

Please help me to learn what I need to release
Those things that don’t serve, to bring inner peace
Resisting the change increases my fears
Accepting will always lessen the tears

12 December 2003

Goddess Athene

Please guide me towards my inner-spiration
Increasing the spark of my hidden creation
My mind, I will ask for you to protect
While sharpening my roughly hewn intellect

12 December 2003

Goddess Maat

Please help me to balance the scales of past deeds
In accepting it was I, who planted those seeds
No blaming of others for choices I made
In releasing my guilt, all debts have been paid

12 December 2003

Goddess Kali

Please help me to push at my self imposed bounds
To move from my cosy and routine surrounds
For me to be free, I first must let go
To turn back the fear and go with the flow

12 December 2003

Goddess Isis

Please circle me with your compassionate wings
And fill me with joy until my heart sings
You are The One who hears when I pray
For healing and guidance, within the new day

12 December 2003

Ode to the Fire Goddess

The Goddess of Fire, ‘The Bright One’ of old
Blows the ‘White Wind’ again, awaiting land to unfold
The Crone and Her wisdom, from the Mother flows grace
Tis the turn of the Maiden in showing Her face

The Goddess of creatures who live on the farm
Her presence secures that they come to no harm
Birds build their nests, singing voices most clear
And milk from the ewes doth start to appear

The Goddess of Healers enlivens our gift
In counselling others to bring their own shift
Assisting quite gently to make themselves well
And coaxing them out of their self imposed shell

The Goddess of Arts and Inner-spiration
Igniting great sparks of illumination
In drawing on Her, to perfect and refine
The path to completion, Her light it doth shine

The Goddess of Poets inspires to write
In journey to form, their intent is in sight
Forged are the words in the flame of creation
Struck on the anvil of regeneration

The Goddess of Fire doth herald return
Her perpetual flame continues to burn
Old woman of Winter into Maiden reforms
Breathing life into spring, the Gaia transforms

24 January 2004

Goddess Ceridwen (North-West)

O ye of the Cauldron and Magical Brew
Bring wisdom aplenty and knowledge anew
Stir the still waters of inner-spiration
Preparing the way for our re-creation

O ye of the North West, we say our farewells
And thank you for bringing your wonderful spells
Your Cauldron refilled, now awaits your return
Our path is now lit, we continue to learn

29 January 2004

Goddess Morrigan (North)

O ye of the Raven and that of the Crow
Protector of land and where water doth flow
Help us experience our courage and might
Bringing wisdom afore, to decide what is right

O ye of the North, we will say our farewells
And thank you for bringing your wonderful spells
The battle part won, now the struggles subside
Which one to do next? Leave the heart to decide

29 January 2004

Goddess Brigit (North-East)

O ye as the Maiden and Bringer of Light
The Keeper of Fire and of flames that ignite
Provider of words for Prophet and Scribe
Healing forces abound for us that imbibe

O ye of the North East, we say our farewells
And thank you for bringing your wonderful spells
We thank you for healing and inner-spiration
Now well on the way for our regeneration

29 January 2004

Goddess Artemis (East)

O ye of the Chariot and Silvery Bow
Shooting arrows of light to the Earth down below
Please nurture our freedom to be who we are
And to bring our Soul close instead of afar

O ye of the East, we will say our farewells
And thank you for bringing your wonderful spells
You awakened our hearts to the wild inside
The nature of Self is no longer denied

29 January 2004

Goddess Rhiannon (South-East)

O ye of the Horse and the gold sprinkled manes
Pulling quite gently on those equinal reins
You ride without doubt towards future unknown
Accepting your fate for the seeds you have sown

O ye of the South East, we say our farewells
And thank you for bringing your wonderful spells
No hesitation, embracing movement and change
Our fear for acceptance are all in exchange

29 January 2004

Goddess Nimue (South)

O ye of Excalibur and the Lake wide and still
Use the Blade of Protection with remarkable skill
Still waters run deep as the passions emerge
A chance once again for emotional purge

O ye of the South, we will say our farewells
And thank you for bringing your wonderful spells
We drank of your courage and strength for to heal
And used the blade wisely to watch layers peel

29 January 2004

Goddess Demeter (South-West)

O ye as the Corn Mother and Harvests galore
The land re-awakens to provide us once more
Making fertile the earth to guard what is sown
In ploughing the land, reaping all that has grown

O ye of the South West, we say our farewells
And thank you for bringing your wonderful spells
Your compassion and love did fill us complete
Our growth is assured, what a marvellous treat

29 January 2004

Goddess Tara (West)

O ye as the Shepard of Journeys most fraught
You help to discover the path that is sought
The centre of the heart is where you reside
Your gentle compassion is felt far and wide

O ye of the West, we will say our farewells
And thank you for bringing your wonderful spells
We will call upon you to steer a clear path
By guiding us back towards our own hearth

29 January 2004

The Goddess of Spring

The wheel it doth turn to the East once again
The Goddess of Spring has returned that is plain
She wakes from her sleep to discover a land
One that’s in bud, where new growth is at hand

The Gaia responds to this time ‘Equal Night’
Returning to balance of darkness and light
It’s from Winter’s reserves locked deep in the earth
That renders its strength for a wondrous re-birth

Seeds that lay dormant burst forth from the soil
Growing leaves tightly packed begin to uncoil
Flowers reach through from a blanket of grass
In greeting a land that is still very sparse

Angelic spring Maidens all dressed in bright green
Dance around Nature, touching all that is seen
Transforming the land, a more colourful hue
Awakening time, it has now become due

The lengthening days bring with them their grace
In making the world such a wonderful place
We wait now for summer, a land of delight
Terrains full of colour that pleasures our sight

20 March 2004