Gender Articles

For the many who know me and for the many who don’t, I have been experiencing gender dysphoria for many years – probably from my early childhood – my memory doesn’t serve me well before the age of about 5 years old.

Gender dysphoria isn’t a nice feeling. When looking in the mirror, you see something that does not quite truly fit, like a suit or jacket that has been badly cut. It rubs in all the wrong places, it doesn’t feel like a second skin. This is not just a cosmetic thing where a bit of makeup can hide all manner of blemishes. It goes much deeper in the psyche, far deeper to the heart of who we are.

If you have problems with a friend or relative, you can always leave the situation and get some downtime, some respite and go back into the fray resourced and ready to deal with the situation.

You can’t escape from gender dysphoria, it is with you all the time. There is no downtime. It cannot be cured like many other dis-eases. Sure, it goes away for a while if you suppress it, but it will always come back and usually more powerfully.

What follows are some of the articles I have written over the years that discuss my experiences with this chosen path in life. Since life is a never ending journey that helps us to grow and to learn from our choices, these articles also reflect my wisdom and knowledge of myself. In the end, life is only there to help us to discover this knowledge.