Book Reviews

Indeed – the media has caught onto to this – with plays, documentaries – and recently a fine BBC short comedy series that should be repeated! But – My goodness – Coran Foddering’s Book: A Way of Seeing: It’s All a Matter of Perception. What an enlightening – and unexpected read – in more ways than one…!

A Life set out in terms of Spiritual Growth, beautifully written – inviting its content to be read over and over again – simply for its egoless insights! Coran’s writing reveals a strong Soul influence – that, no doubt, has ever encouraged rising above all challenges to Its Incarnate Aspect – courageously working through Transgender issues: That said – pretty much any Seeker after Truth, even without gender difficulties, on whatever their chosen Path to Enlightened Consciousness, would find both awareness and identification with the emotional and mental challenges illustrated in the text.

Coran’s book, without being preachy, presents an honest, approach to finding a way to face up to such pressures, by accepting and valuing every life as a God Given Gift towards our unfolding true perception of Who we really are!

Margaret S

Coran’s approach to overcoming life’s problems, and in particular his/her own struggle with transgender dysphoria, demonstrates the importance of how complete honesty and perception with oneself and those around you works to heal our own challenges. An honest and thought provoking read.

Stella S