A Way of Seeing: The Book

A Way of Seeing: It's All a Matter of PerceptionAs we journey through life, we experience moments which paint our beliefs, our opinions and our ideas. All these experiences shade our life in coats of many colours. The darker shades are formed through receiving negative reactions should we try to express our true nature and the depth of who we really are. As such these darker shades can prevent us from being vulnerable, open and authentic to those around us.

  • Are you afraid to be vulnerable?
  • Would you like to learn how to be more authentic, open and honest?
  • Would you like all your relationships to be more fulfilling?
  • Would you like to release decades of suppressed emotion and feeling?

As human beings we allow the blank canvas that is us to be covered in the paint of other people’s needs and wants, thereby suppressing our true selves in the process.

There comes a point when the pain of suppression becomes far too great. It is very easy to brush over what others had painted on our blank canvas but that would leave all the unexpressed anger, frustration and rage hiding underneath.

You must first find a way of removing their paint to discover the pristine canvas once again. You can then paint your own shades of harmony to recreate your very own picture of you as you see yourself; the real you, a complete expression of your soul.

This book then is a philosophical and spiritual paint remover lightly sprinkled in metaphor. The book is a series of articles covering different aspects of my experiences. The articles are sculpted to challenge you to see you with new eyes; you from a very different perspective.

Although my original palette was one of only dark colours, once I was willing to embrace the experience of being transgender, that palette has become far brighter and far richer in strength. I have now become vulnerable, open and authentic. I haven’t tried to change the world to be that I wish to see but simply transformed my perception of that world. I began a journey of reconciliation and understanding painted in the colours of forgiveness.

A Way of Seeing: It’s All a Matter of Perception, is my journey from restriction to freedom, from constraint to choice, from imprisonment to liberty.

  • Do you want to experience this for yourself?
  • Do you want to experience freedom, choice and liberty?

If so, step into the unknown with me as your guide.

Some of the book’s content is already available on this website so you can get a flavour of my writing style. There is so much more in the book and what you see on this website has been considerably expanded.