A Way Of Seeing

Welcome to A Way of Seeing. This a resource relating to the book and a way of seeing it in a different way. There are several articles around the subject of gender and some related to topics I still find challenging.

There is also a Blog of Liberation which is more dynamic in nature. Some posts are recordings of radio interviews where I try to bring a different awareness to people, a different perception of the topic in discussion.

About the Book

The book itself took 10 years to write and details some of the tools I discovered along the way to help me release the pain of holding onto so much anger over the way I was treated as child but also during my adult years. One can choose to blame others for our situation but when does it become possible to release the pain when we give those others responsibility for our pain? Whilst it is still in their hands we cannot ever let go.

A Way of Seeing: It’s All a Matter of Perception is about perception. Did you work that one out? Of course, it’s just my perception about perception. It also contains some of my insights garnered during life.

As we age, we add to our box of tricks, add to our wisdom and add to our way of dealing with life. One of my particular experiences is dealing with my gender or rather, the confusion with my gender.

Most of the time, I cannot write about my experiences until I have the words that describe them. It is usually after the event has burnt itself out that brings the insights. When we are in the middle of ‘stuff’, everything is just like a roller coaster causing that big black cloud to descend over the mind and emotion. Words form after that cloud disperses bringing with it hope that something in the deepest part of our psyche is clearing away.

The other pages here cover some poems written under one of those clearing clouds finding myself in the process. Last but not least, I am a web designer and an artist so these have a place here too. More importantly though is discovering A Way of Seeing for yourself and see if you are ready to let the world discover you.